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    A New Paradigm in Benefits Management

    Date: May 15, 2019, 11:30am
    First Choice Catering, Norfolk, NE
    Free for members. $15 for guests
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    About the Speaker: Travis Martin, The Olson Group

    Travis Martin has over 18 years in the insurance industry helping clients understand and solve complex problems.  He is a licensed consultant in the state of Nebraska, and surrounding states.  His experience is in helping employers address the rising cost of healthcare through innovative ideas and mindset change.  Travis has worked with employers to effectively manage the healthcare supply chain, create improved outcomes and plans that will attract and retain top talent.  As a small-town Nebraska guy, he understands the hard work and daily grind needed to perform at the highest levels for employees and their families.  He has helped countless employers create a truly elite benefits program. 

    Presentation Description:

    By attending you will learn how other Midwest Employers have shifted their mindset and stopped shifting costs of benefits to their employees.  You will be walked through a case study of one Midwest Manufacturing firm and the cumulative savings they generated.  They have been putting money back in paychecks and reallocating dollars to other key company initiatives by changing mindset and creating a proactive strategy. 

    In 2015 this 80-life employer had a problem.  Insurance costs were rising at an unsustainable rate, and the employer was spending more while employees continued to see less benefits for their money.  Frustrated, the employer decided it was time for a change.  They decided to review, reduce, and reallocate their benefits program. 


    Expensive. Frustrating and Hopeless.

    Is this your feeling about your current health plan being offered to your employees?

    By attending you will learn that changing mindset and adopting a plan of action is the best way to achieve results.  Many believe that to achieve results there needs to be drastic change and work on behalf of the employer.  But there are ways to achieve results that are comfortable for your organizations.  Some groups choose to start with a crawl, some walk, and others run from the beginning.  The best part is, you can decide how you want to conquer your health insurance challenge.   

    Are your employees seeing more come out of their paycheck, or seeing reduced health insurance benefits?  Would you like to hear how other employers are conquering their challenges at a specific pace, with a plan that works for their organization?  As a Human Resource Professional, you see day-to-day the challenges many employees face.  You hear how they are frustrated trying to navigate their benefits and the costs associated when they need healthcare. Come learn there is a way to help your employees and the challenges they face.

    Please RSVP to Tina Engelbart by noon on Monday, May 13.